Nutritious convenience food? - yes it does exist!

We make dried soup from local seasonal produce, ready to use wherever and whenever you need it, with up to 3 portions of veg in each mug.

The name bodloni is Welsh for satisfying.

Perfect for the office, the outdoors, or an easy stand-by.

And while you enjoy the delicious soup,  you also help save the planet. We take surplus and wonky veg from local organic and chemical-free growers, dehydrate it with solar power, mill into powder and season it. It comes to you in the post, in a fully compostable packet.

It takes just one minute to make - add hot water, stir, and you're done.

Latest news: Theresa May meets Grady at Winter Fair in Builth and loves it (she is human after all!)

Theresa May at Builth

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