We’ve always wanted to help local growers and producers to share their good, home-grown and home-made food with local people.

So, back in 1998 bodloni’s founders set-up the farmers’ market in Cardiff – Riverside Real Food – now one the most successful in the UK .

Then we set up a community farm – Riverside Market Garden – a community-owned farm that supplies fresh organic vegetables to local people.

But, we realised that it was hard for busy people to find time to cook. So we asked a chef to create delicious, instant soup from dehydrated, fresh, local vegetables. And that is how bodloni was born. Read more about the founders below.

bodloni is about satisfying people’s real food needs, in an ethical way.


The Founders

Simon Michaels has long been involved in supporting local food enterprise. He was a founder of Cardiff's farmers' markets and of community-owned Riverside Market Garden, and has advised many other food businesses and worked for Welsh Government on sustainable supply chains. He was a baker, and is a mindfulness trainer.

Steve Garrett is a pioneer of local food, having been the initial mover behind Cardiff's award winning farmers' markets, and he worked with Simon to establish Riverside Market Garden. He works both locally and internationally to help people start up new enterprises for community benefit.

Grady Atkin is a chef with an international pedigree, having worked in raw food restaurants in California as well as being the head chef at le Gallois when it was Cardiff's top food destination. He loves to meet with local growers to find what's best in season.